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Your Dream Team

When I began my journey in creating my first online business years ago, I invested a lot of time and money, and however, saw very little results in comparison. I was really disappointed with some coaches and their approach.

While I was trying to make my way, I met so many beautiful coaches who were struggling too and ended up being disappointed. I knew I wanted to change this. Firstly for myself, but also for other amazing coaches who have been left disappointed and feeling lost.

So I decided to collaborate with some amazing women, to create the Holistic Business Academy.

During my process I became aware of the importance of business strategies and support, making this crucial to reaching success. By simply investing money, you will not receive the results you wish without the right strategies incorporated and fully support around your business.

Therefore, I decided to create this new concept, which can create a more supportive and focused environment for coaches, thus showing them the correct path to follow to achieve their objectives and dreams.

Nina Dali – Founder of Holistic Business Academy

I am an intuitive creator with a strong passion for healthy-balanced lifestyle, well-being, personal development, self-love, Human Design, relationships, and business. And I love books.

My personality is very creative and intuitive, with a special gift to be able to see the bigger picture. I am simply curious and see opportunities in everything. I love to create new meaningful stories.

Very often I felt unseen, unheard, and misunderstood by others and found myself being criticised because they were unable to see what I see and are focused on the idea of ‘now’ rather than on what could be.

I heard so many times from various coaches that I am struggling with focus and mindset. They simply didn’t know and understand me. They didn’t see the bigger picture beyond. They didn’t understand that I am thinking few steps forward.

But they helped me to realise, it’s time to start owning my gifts and stop playing small. I chose to believe in myself, even when other people didn’t believe in me.

If you ever feel the same way please know that I see you. Don’t let anyone to tell you who you should be.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. You can have it all.

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Why We Are Different

Most coaches just teach. They give you the instruction and the tools, then send you off on your own.

This is what I wanted to change in the coaching industry – to never feel and be alone. This is something which I retain very important, mostly because it is what I lacked throughout my journey, but wished that I had.

While working with Holistic Business Academy, you will never be alone.

You will be working very closely with Business Strategist, Mindset Coach, Personal Branding experts, the Social Media support team as well as, Human Design Practitioners.

And when you start to doubt who you are and whether or not you will achieve success, we will be there to reassure you.

We run a holistic, heart-centred business. We are doing something we love, and something we feel adds value to the world.

We are very passionate about helping new businesses to thrive. And we also love Human Design. 

The success of your company relies on your rate of personal growth. Entrepreneur, corporate executive, and everyone in between benefits from aligning their energy with what genuinely lights them up – but sometimes doesn’t go as planned. 

There is not always an explanation behind the way things are done, and in some cases, we do not know who are we doing them for.

By incorporating, Human Design Business into our strategy, we begin with the individual. This means, starting with the individual, and understanding in which ways they sell best, also through the energy which you exhibit.

Together we will create tendencies, intentions, and plans which will enable you to embody your design, as well as creating more coordination for ease.

We Are Your Dream Team